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Keep Your Pillows Clean & Sleep Better
What Lurks Inside Your Unprotected Pillow?
If you wake up feeling tired, with itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing, it might be time to consider an unsuspecting culprit: your pillowcase! Or rather, the tiny little creatures that can get inside of it and disturb your sleep. 


Bed bugs can bite and may live unnoticed in furniture and bedding that isn't properly protected.


While the mites don’t directly cause any health issues, their droppings can trigger hay fever, asthma, eczema and rhinitis. 


Without a waterproof pillow case, sweat and dead skin can breed germs and bacteria that can creep into pillows which have tears in.


The most common fungus found (especially in synthetic pillows) is Aspergillus, causing a big problem for adults and kids with mold allergies.


A study at the University of Manchester in the UK found that the average pillow actually contains over one million fungal spores! 


Pollen is one of the most common triggers of seasonal allergies. Ensure your pillow is fully encased with a fabric that’s too thick to let allergens in.
Get The Best Sleep of Your Life
Stop allergies and wake up feeling refreshed
The SnoozeDoctor™ pillowcase ends your allergy symptoms by creating a powerful physical barrier between you and allergens.
No matter how often you wash your sheets, your pillow is an insect breeding ground teeming with thousands of hideous, crab-like dust mites aggressively laying eggs. 
  •  10% of the weight of a two-year-old pillow is actually dead mites and their feces
  •  We spend all night with our face pressed against this potential reservoir of germs
This pillow protector is made of 100% pure cotton for the ultimate in comfort. This fabric is one of the most effective barriers against pet dander, dust mites, bed bugs and other harmful allergens. This fabric is an extremely cool fabric, making sleeping on it a dream. 

Sleep deeper and longer each and every night
The SnoozeDoctor™ pillowcase provides complete protection from dust mites, mold, pet dander, and other allergens. By sealing allergens away, you can get a more rested and reaction-free sleep each and every night.
  •  Protection: The SnoozeDoctor Pillow Protector keeps your pillow clean, allergy-free and bed bug-proof for a healthy night’s rest
  •  Fights Allergies: Promotes a healthy sleep environment by protecting you from dust mites and other allergens that may lurk in your pillow, including mould, mildew, pet dander and pollen
  •  Waterproof: Extends the life of the pillow by blocking accidents, incontinence, perspiration, spills and stains, yet is air permeable to keep you dry and cool
  •  Bed bug bite-proof: Entry-proof and escape-proof with patented BugLock Secure Seal three-sided zipper
  • Certified: Entomology lab-certified bed bug proof pillow cover
  •  Full Coverage: Total coverage solution wraps around your entire pillow with zippered closure
  •  Safety First: Safety tested and certified 
  •  Extra Comfort: Smooth, flexible jersey knit polyester fabric
Stop all allergies and improve the quality of your sleep 💤 
SnoozeDoctor Pillowcase
The #1 Solution for Allergy, Dust Mites & Bed Bugs
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Fits perfectly to your pillows. Insert pillow, zip up the cover and you're off to better sleep
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Just pop it in the washing machine and dryer: close ziper, wash hot and tumble dry medium. 
âś“ 5-year warranty
Rest easy with the confidence that you can sleep worry-free with a guaranteed 5-year warranty
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List Price: $49.99
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE
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