Does This Thing Really Work? SnoozeDoctor Pillow Cover Review
Written by Samantha L. | Monday, November 26th 2018
Waking up every morning feeling and (maybe even worse) looking like a ZOMBIE. Is that also your reality? I've been trying everything there is in the last 15 months and this is what I've discovered... 
I was just so sick of waking up feeling tired every day. I already took it for normal, waking up with itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and feeling bad in general. 

As I am allergic to dust, mites and "who-knows-what-else" (like every second person I know) I thought that is what I will just have to live with it for my whole life.

It is not like I haven't tried anything. Through years when I was getting more and more sensitive I tried almost everything out there.

I've soon realised that I usually feel the worst in the morning and throughout the day it gets better. We already have an internal joke with my colleague Josh as I arrive to the office every morning looking like a ZOMBIE and then when I leave I look like a new and healthy person.

So there was only one thing to do - to bring out my DETECTIVE SKILLS. I really wanted to figure out why I feel so awful every morning. And even a person with zero detective skills (like me) could figure out that smth must happen to my body during the night. 

I started researching all the possible reasons and reading about them online.

Most of the things I knew already - I was washing my bedding every week on high temperature, curtains also, vacuuming the bedroom at least twice a week... I even got rid of my bookcase in the bedroom as it was a potential nest for allergens.

I could find nothing really new.

Around 4 months later when I already partly gave-up on my research mission, my acquaintance Susannah who I haven't seen in months sent me a video. 

We met this summer at a barbecue party our common friend organized. I was yawning a lot and (like usually) that was a starter for "being-tired" conversation. Honestly, we kind of bonded with Susannah over both having allergies and difficulties with sleeping. She understood my frustration about it. We started joking about it and intentionally yawning in front of others to see their reactions.

So, going back to my story. I watched the video she sent me - and it made me sick to my stomach!!

Really, just look at it:

It was so disgusting that the detective in me immediately came out again. 

Of course, I was doing everything else to get rid of the filth elsewhere in the bedroom. And through all this time, disgusting crab-like germs and mites just happily and safely lived and bred inside my pillow.

Y U C K !

It makes total sense when you start thinking about it - pillows do make a perfect nesting ground for the bacteria, mites and other germs. Then we just wash the covers and pretend that we are sleeping in nice, clean and fresh bed.
Susannah also sent me a picture of her yaaawning.

Below she wrote: "I've found a perfect cure for us and it sounds so simple you're gonna laugh. My super-cool doctor recommended it to me, I tried it and IT WORKS! I feel so much better, it's a lifesaver!"
No matter how often you wash your sheets, your pillow is an insect breeding ground teeming with thousands of hideous, crab-like dust mites aggressively laying eggs. 
  •  10% of the weight of a two-year-old pillow is actually dead mites and their feces
  •  We spend all night with our face pressed against this potential reservoir of germs
This pillow protector is made of 100% pure cotton for the ultimate in comfort. This fabric is one of the most effective barriers against pet dander, dust mites, bed bugs and other harmful allergens. This fabric is an extremely cool fabric, making sleeping on it a dream. 

Sleep deeper and longer each and every night
The SnoozeDoctor™ pillowcase provides complete protection from dust mites, mold, pet dander, and other allergens. By sealing allergens away, you can get a more rested and reaction-free sleep each and every night.
  •  Protection: The SnoozeDoctor Pillow Protector keeps your pillow clean, allergy-free and bed bug-proof for a healthy night’s rest
  •  Fights Allergies: Promotes a healthy sleep environment by protecting you from dust mites and other allergens that may lurk in your pillow, including mould, mildew, pet dander and pollen
  •  Waterproof: Extends the life of the pillow by blocking accidents, incontinence, perspiration, spills and stains, yet is air permeable to keep you dry and cool
  •  Bed bug bite-proof: Entry-proof and escape-proof with patented BugLock Secure Seal three-sided zipper
  • Certified: Entomology lab-certified bed bug proof pillow cover
  •  Full Coverage: Total coverage solution wraps around your entire pillow with zippered closure
  •  Safety First: Safety tested and certified 
  •  Extra Comfort: Smooth, flexible jersey knit polyester fabric
Stop all allergies and improve the quality of your sleep 💤 
SnoozeDoctor Pillowcase
The #1 Solution for Allergy, Dust Mites & Bed Bugs
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Start waking up refreshed instead of groggy and clogged
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✓ Easy to Use
Fits perfectly to your pillows. Insert pillow, zip up the cover and you're off to better sleep
✓ easy to wash
Just pop it in the washing machine and dryer: close ziper, wash hot and tumble dry medium. 
✓ 5-year warranty
Rest easy with the confidence that you can sleep worry-free with a guaranteed 5-year warranty
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List Price: $49.99
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